Thank You

DocJournal is a mobile solution born from the experiences of physicians, patients and families through the care of children, and expanded to benefit people of all ages. Managing healthcare for ourselves or others, in wellness or illness, is often complicated. DocJournal simplifies the management of healthcare and empowers patients.

After six years and thousands of users we have decided to cease further development, upgrade, sales and support of DocJournal, to pursue other endeavors. We are very proud of our journey, and believe it helped many, while also sparking innovations in patient engagement through our relationship with Children’s National Health System.

DocJournal is no longer offered on any app store. Users may continue using their downloaded version on their devices as long as they wish. As of July 8, 2017 this website will be taken down.

We send a big thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped in the DocJournal journey; the user community, our thoughtful advisors and all those who opened their hearts to share and help. We also thank Children’s National Health System for being a supportive partner along the way.

DocJournal was possible because of all those who share our passion for patient engagement and advocacy.