Simple and powerful health information tracking

  • Journal Style Familiarity

    Journal Style Familiarity

    An intuitive approach you are already familiar with to manage all aspects of health information.

  • For One or Multiple People

    For One or Multiple People

    Care for one person, or as many children, adults, seniors and other loved ones as you need.

  • Knowledge from Information

    Knowledge from Information

    Gain knowledge and insights by tracking notes, questions, labs, and vitals and scheduling a care plan of medications, activities, and nutrition.

  • Communication and Feedback

    Communication and Feedback

    Send feedback to care teams, share progress updates with loved ones and providers.

  • Sync Across Devices

    Sync Across Devices

    When more than one person is caring for loved ones, syncing information across devices keeps everyone aligned.

  • For Phones and Tablets

    For Phones and Tablets

    DocJournal is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Kindle Fire.



It’s all about our loved ones.

Managing health care for ourselves or on behalf of a loved one is often complicated and overwhelming – whether we are maintaining wellness or conquering illness.

There is a need for a “go-anywhere” tool to simplify health care, and to put the power of information into the hands of patients and families for improved advocacy and engagement with providers.

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Transform Information into Context.

It’s a new day in the world of managing health care. DocJournal uses an intuitive journal style you’re already familiar with to track and manage medical information…across a day, a month…forever.

In one place capture Notes, Questions, Medications, Procedures and all things health related.   Starting now, you have the power to see everything without folders, papers, or trying to remember details.  DocJournal is with you wherever you need it.



Gain knowledge for empowerment.

Transform the stress of managing health care into strength from smartly organized knowledge.  Track progress over time across any aspect of care.

Connect the dots of information from being able to see big picture.  Use this newfound insight for more productive interactions with providers.

Feel in control because you are.


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Engage confidently.

Allow DocJournal to help you focus on what’s important.  To simplify life and to become empowered for richer conversations about how to achieve the best outcomes and anticipate issues.

Whether it’s wellness maintenance for the family or long-term illness management for a loved one, DocJournal is there at every appointment, at home, in the hospital, at a clinic.